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Reporting an Emergency and/or Emergency Repairs

In any threatening situation involving fire, and/or requiring the attention of the police, rescue, or ambulance, call 911 as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Then contact the building management to report the situation.
Darcy Hendricks (250) 302 9108
Garnett Roberts (250) 305 4391

In the event of Emergency Repairs contact 

Curt Hoffman (250) 305 4637 

followed by building management 

Darcy Hendricks (250) 302 9108

Garnett Roberts (250) 305 4391
Emergency Repairs as defined by section 33 of the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA), it must be all three of the following; 
1.) Urgent
2.) Necessary for the health or safety of the people or property; and 
3.) Made for the purpose of repairing one of the following: 


  • major leaks in pipes or the roof

  • damaged or blocked water or sewer pipes or plumbing fixtures

  • the primary heating system

  • damaged or defective locks that give access to a rental unit

  • the electrical systems

Covid-19 Health Declaration

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